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heat dissipation applications
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application of light source module for heat dissipation

mingshuo technology independently researched and developed rlcp graphene composite material, which is innovatively applied to the heat dissipation of high-power led. it comprehensively improves the heat dissipation efficiency by more than 30% from three aspects of improving heat conduction, heat storage and temperature equalization, and enhancing heat radiation and heat dissipation. at the same time, combined with the professional radiator structure design, it systematically solves the problem of heat density concentration of cob light source, so as to give full play to the advantages and characteristics of cob light source and ensure that at the same time of service life, greatly improve product performance.

at the same time, the company is committed to the "cob glass lens" lighting solution, using the optical glass lens under the thermal management of graphene composite materials. compared with the pc / pmma lens matched with the traditional smd light source, it has significant advantages such as wide temperature range, uv resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high surface finish, good light distribution, etc., further improving the comprehensive performance and service life of the product

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