talent strategy

    the company pays attention to and supports management talents and it incentivizes and cultivates innovative talents. most mid-level supervisors have risen through the ranks while the company works hard to build a platform for employees to be the best they can be. the company has established incentive systems for patent applications, the completion of r&d projects, technology advancements, and reasonable recommendations. the company has adopted a policy that integrates caring, recognition, rewards, and promotions to encourage technology and management innovation by talents.

personnel training

    the company advocates the loose and organic integration of academic studies, a cultural environment, and a corporate evaluation system. by establishing an intricate management system, reasonable and quantifiable performance evaluation, a compliant financial management system, and a scientific and efficient production management model, the company has contributed to a more harmonious, relaxed, and happier work environment with room for growth. it also made corporate governance more open and transparent and provided more competitive advantages to the company.

job vacancy recruiting numbers educational requirements years of working workplace release time
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