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smart lighting solution

smart lighting is an important component of a smart city. it works by utilizing advanced, highly efficient, and reliable communication technologies from power line carriers or wireless nb-iot/lora/zigbee technologies to enable remote, centralized control and management of street lamps. it includes a variety of functions, such as luminance adjustment, remote lighting control, active malfunction alarm, anti-theft lighting fixtures & cables and remote meter reading, which can significantly conserve electricity and resources to improve the management of public lighting while reducing maintenance costs.

street lighting smart monitoring system function: light power-on/power-off timer control; automatic on/off full night lamps/half night lamps/time slot lamps; automatic calculation of sunrise & sunset times based on coordinates to dynamically and accurately adjust power-on/power-off time of lamps on a daily basis (seasonal change).
multiple control light power-on/off methods: automatic remote control; sunrise/sunset control; optical control mode; regular execution plan; photo-sensing automatic light adjustment.
local control function: all areas; selected areas; selection of group units; single node or single lamp power-on/off.
automatic inspection function: automatic inspection, random inspection, or regular inspection of single lamps or circuit operation status in accordance with scheduled time slots; electric current & voltage values, power consumption of cabinet transformers; uploading to control center.

malfunction alarm function: alarms for single lamps or circuit malfunction, daytime light power-on, nighttime light power-off, shutdown, control terminal malfunction, and communication malfunction, etc.
data processing, storage, query and printing functions: data such as control node operating parameters, operating status and malfunction alarm.
geographic map & text display function: geographic map & text display; activate any single lamp on the map or control cabinet icons to display parameters and operate.
remote meter reading function & statistics compilation and analysis
control terminal (centralized controller) on-site tuning & testing; maintenance interface & remote upgrade function
single lamp control function: multiple lighting modes such as power-on for every other pole, power-on at an interval of every several poles, and staggered power-on; or customized lighting mode
system capacity increase/expansion function
other expansion functions
major communication measures
zigbee is a low-power local area network protocol based on the ieee802.15.4 standard. according to international standards and regulations, the zigbee technology is a close-proximity, low-power wireless communication technology. its characteristics include close proximity, low complexity, ad hoc, low power consumption and low data rates. it is mainly suitable for automatic control and remote control domains, and can be embedded in various types of equipment.

nb-iot is built upon a cellular network, and consumes only around 180khz of bandwidth. it can be directly deployed in a gsm network, umts network or lte network to reduce deployment costs and enable seamless upgrade. nb-iot is an emerging technology in the iot domain. it supports cellular data connections for low-

powered equipment in a wide area network and is also referred to as a low-power wide
area network (lpwan). nb-iot supports long standby times and high connection efficiency for equipment demanding higher network connection quality. it can also provide very comprehensive cellular data coverage.

lora mainly operates in free frequency bands (i.e. unauthorized frequency bands) around the world, including 433mhz, 868mhz and 915mhz. a lora network is made up of four major components – a terminal (built-in lora module), gateway (or base station), server and cloud. two-way transmission is possible with applied data. it has changed compromised considerations associated with transmission distance and power consumption in the past, providing a simple communication system that can operate across long distances and features long battery life, large capacity, and low cost.
intelligent lighting management system
the intelligent lighting control management system software of a smart city is the most important component of the entire control system. in addition to handling daily affairs such as system data collection, system status detection and system malfunction alert, the system software also provides a friendly human-machine interface as well as functions such as well-rounded data statistics, data query, malfunction statistics and statistics on street lamp power-on and power-off. it can help meet clients' demands such as completing system parameter setting and managing privilege parameter settings, data query as well as remote manual orders.
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