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ms technology and longvolt energy sign comprehensive strategic agreement

       on november 7th, 2018, ms technology and longvolt energy held the signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement, at ms technology’s nanxun smart factory. both sides held in-depth discussions on future cooperation, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement to develop and market graphene-based solar streetlamps. the signing of this agreement marks ms technology’s full-fledged foray into the solar streetlamp market.

       dr. chen wei, the founder of ms technology, and xu songzhi, chairman of longvolt energy, signed the strategic cooperation agreement, marking the beginning of the joint development and cooperation between the two companies.

       as per the agreement, longvolt energy will procure solar streetlamps worth rmb100 million from ms technology annually. furthermore, longvolt energy will also work with ms technology to develop ultra-large capacity graphene-based solar power lithium batteries, which can be operated across a wide range of temperatures. the use of power storage batteries in the power system can reduce investment in complexion of main power lines, improve electricity generation efficiency and help maintain power grid stability. graphene has ultra-high thermal and electrical conductivity, and has unique advantages and immense application potential in terms of supercapacitors, lithium batteries and solar cells. the effective combination of graphene technology, solar storage system and the internet of things, can help build environment-friendly, energy-saving and smart green ecological cities, ensuring efficient energy savings and smart management. the two companies plan to commence comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in all aspects, and will leverage their respective advantages, and achieve mutual benefit and development.

       with the signing of this agreement, the renowned leader of the graphene lighting industry has now teamed up with the leading company in solar lithium storage and control systems. by integrating technology, capital and operational advantages, and with the aim to maintain long-term cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and development, both companies will fully leverage their respective strengths, build a collaboration platform, and explore the billion-dollar solar streetlamp market. environment-friendly, energy-saving and smart streetlamps will be the future of our urban lighting system. there is a lot of more interesting news coming up, so stay tuned!


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