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ms technology’s pioneering streetlamp to be easily retrofitted to existing systems wins best product award

       on june 9th, the 2019 alighting award was held concurrently with the guangzhou international lighting exhibition (gile). ms technology’s “graphene heat dissipation led lamp” came up top in both the initial review round and final round and won the first prize in the “road and tunnel lighting” category, by virtue of its outstanding creativity and advanced technology.

       the alighting award is popularly referred to as the academy awards of the chinese lighting industry. the number of applicants and judges continue to grow this year. a total of 163 jury members from 11 countries and regions decided the award-winners after 200 days of selection and evaluation.

       horng-ching hsiao, professor at the national taiwan university of science and technology and jury member for the final round of the alighting award, spoke about ms technology’s award-winning product, “the product features excellent heat dissipation graphene materials, has an exquisite and minimalist design, an efficient led module with low to medium color temperature that matches the needs of the general public, adaptable to the full voltage range, consumes less than 60w power, and has a directly replaceable structure. the product is especially suitable for replacing traditional sodium lamps, and can provide high-quality lighting while saving electricity.”

       at present, the street light product line is mainly divided into matrix module street light and cob street light. the former has a structural design that improves heat dissipation as it uses a heat-conduction bracket to connect the module to the lamp housing, and increases the heat radiation area. the latter needs new technology or new material in addition to structural design to ensure heat dissipation because of heat concentration. the key technology problem to solve for both solutions is the excessive led junction temperature.

       ms technology addresses the heat concentration problem in the cob module, reduces junction temperature of the chips, and fundamentally solves the problem of excessive attenuation of the integrated light source by increasing the thermal conductivity, ensuring uniform temperature thermal energy storage, and by improving heat dissipation for heat radiation using graphene thermal conductive silicone, graphene solid-liquid phase change material and graphene heat dissipation coating on a special radiator. through this approach, the new product has excellent light efficiency, light distribution, low color temperature, is energy saving, and supports smart operation.

       from the perspective of industry development, the light efficiency of blue led chips has been increasing year by year. led lights are becoming more compact and smarter. in terms of user experience, the energy-saving retrofitting of high-pressure sodium lamps with led streetlamps involves a reduction in both installation and maintenance costs and provides greater convenience.

       the graphene heat dissipation led light has the same interface size as that of the high-pressure sodium lamp base. compared with traditional led lights, it is at least 4/5th the size, and has an integrated wireless ip68 connector that enables installation and replacement within 30 seconds. in this way, energy-saving led street light can be replaced as conveniently and as safely as ordinary bulbs.

       the shape of lamp is designed based on market demand and the current technology level. with continuous upgrade of upstream and downstream technologies, led power is being further enhanced, and is expected to reach 100w by 2020, rendering it a suitable substitute for the 250w high-pressure sodium lamp.

       as an energy-saving and environmental-friendly light source, led has exerted a subtle influence on the lighting design concept, with the continuous increase in the replacement trend of traditional lamps. in addition to energy conservation, green design is becoming a trend, as minimalism is gaining traction among enterprises and consumers. this graphene heat dissipation led lampis the epitome of this trend.

       as the industry scales up and grows more intensive, competition among enterprises will grow fiercer, and poses stricter requirements on cost control. how to reduce production costs by making products with fewer materials but without undermining the quality, is the pursuit of every enterprise. in this respect, a compact and simple design is the inevitable trend in the lighting industry. with an unconventional design, this graphene heat dissipation led lamp is at least 4/5th the size of traditional led lights, which greatly reduces production costs.

       from the perspective of green economy, the lighting industry is gradually shifting from energy conservation to low carbon, with focus on product life cycle carbon emission control. in june this year, ms technology’s graphene heat dissipation led module passed the low-carbon assessment and certification by china electronic energy-saving technology association and china quality certification center (cqc). it was awarded the “product carbon label” and “product carbon footprint” certificates, the first such certifications to be awarded in china. this marks the beginning of production carbon label assessment for the led lighting industry. ms technology will continue to promote the standardization, testing and assessment of low carbon products in china as well as the sustainable development of the entire green finance industry chain.

       with growing awareness of low carbon and increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, low-carbon and eco-friendly design has become an inevitable trend. as the first enterprise to integrate this concept into products, ms technology is bound to set a new design trend.

       statistics show that graphene heat dissipation led lights have now been used in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. more than 300,000 graphene heat dissipation led streetlamps have been installed across over 80 prefecture-level municipal administrative divisions nationwide, with a growth rate exceeding 50%.

       available across china, this product is gaining increasing popularity in the overseas markets. ms technology has signed exclusive agent and sales agreement with japan’s ohkura electric co., ltd., authorizing the latter as its distributor for four types of graphene “super-lights” in japan, malaysia, indonesia, thailand and mongolia.

       in april this year, tunghsu-mingshuo business delegation visited eastern european countries, including croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, serbia and montenegro. renowned for its unique innovations and industrial applications, ms technology signed an mou with its eastern european partner on establishing a joint venture in croatia to develop the market in croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, serbia, slovenia and other countries, with guaranteed sales of at least 10,000 led streetlamps per year.

       with the industrial application of its graphene heat dissipation technology in the lighting industry, ms technology has become a leader and pioneer in graphene applications in china. as an innovative new material, the technology will promote advancements in applications and secure the prosperity of the semiconductor industry.


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