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why is ms technology’s smart streetlamp base called a “midair robot”?

       on the morning of june 10th, the 2019 alighting forum’s “new solution to smart refined urban management—smart lamp base forum”, hosted by ms technology and messe frankfurt, opened at the pazhou complex in guangzhou. organized by guangzhou alighting iot & technology co., ltd., the forum was immensely popular and packed to the rafters.

       jiang wei, deputy general manager of ms technology, delivered a speech titled “midair robots—technology and application of smart lamp bases”. he pointed out that based on in-depth market analysis, the company developed many core applications and abandoned many non-critical ones. the smart streetlamp products tailored to meet market requirements cost less than smart light poles, and are more intensive and economical. thus, they are more suitable for smart transformation of streetlamps in an already saturated market.

       the smart lamp bases incorporate ms technology’s graphene composite heat dissipation technology. in addition to greatly improved heat dissipation, the bases are also compact and lightweight, which enable easier integration with various types of smart devices as well as transmission and calculation modules, making the bases the nodes for road videos and iot-based big data applications. the smart streetlamp bases boost the efficiency of urban management through digital roadside transformation, facilitate refined urban management and the building of digital roads, and play a practical role in different application scenarios.

       for example, in cities, they work with video monitoring, ip broadcasting, edge computing solutions, and operations management platforms, to inform real-time road information to pedestrians and vehicle users. red line warning solutions may be added to remind against illegal parking. automatic capture and billing management by camera enable non-sensor based roadside parking and other applications, thereby truly integrating applications with real-life scenarios and environment. this method of “managing roads from midair” helps improve road management efficiency, minimizes traffic hazards, and reduces redundant components. in smart parks and residential communities, the streetlamps are midair stewards as they provide comprehensive security and safety, manage assets, and monitor and analyze behaviors through 24/7 monitoring. they can also ensure midair security and safety, supervise violation of regulations, monitor the environment, and release information.

       therefore, the all-in-one smart city solutions based on ms technology’s smart lamp bases can help achieve the goal of refined urban management.

       the launch and growing use of 5g commercial licenses will facilitate the deployment and data transmission for roadside digital devices. the fengyu midair robots will be used to provide holographic sensing of roads, coupled with accurate, reliable and real-time vehicle and road coordination services. they can work with autonomous driving vehicles, traffic control and emergency situation handling, so as to go beyond providing visual reminders, to controlling and managing roadside closed loops that are in line with applications.

       other industry experts attending the meeting also expressed their views on the application of smart streetlamp bases in building smart cities. gu quan, the senior engineer of jingzhou urban management committee, hubei, said that while developing smart city channels and corporate transformation, it is necessary to clarify four relationships for smart city applications based on streetlamps, namely, the relationship between horizontal and vertical management, the relationship between increment and stock, the relationship between form and essence, and the relationship between government investment and social investment, in order to give play to the development momentum of smart cities.

       li dixi, the smart city solution senior architect at alibaba cloud smart iot division, pointed out that smart lighting is a core smart application in alibaba cloud scenario solutions.

       bu yaoting, deputy general manager of the urban energy conservation and environmental protection division of china southern power grid integrated energy co., ltd., emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary competition in the iot era.

       ma zhe, technology director of the world-renowned china cityguard security group and founder and general manager of antianxia technology, talked about how local networks can be established through smart streetlamps, which can help solve real-life security problems in different scenarios.

       ms technology’s graphene heat dissipation high-power led road lamps and smart streetlamp bases have been well received in the market thanks to their outstanding performance. data shows that graphene heat dissipation led lights are now being used in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. more than 300,000 graphene heat dissipation led streetlights have been installed across over 80 prefecture-level municipal administrative divisions nationwide, with a growth rate exceeding 50%.

       this forum presented a clear picture of the current markets for smart cities and smart streetlamps. as the industry develops and matures, it is bound to have extremely bright prospects.


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