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the computing conference | alibaba cloud iot empowers ms technology to build future cities together

    the 2018 hangzhou computing conference "empower digital china" was held in the small town of yunqi on september 19-22, 2018. as one of the most influential high-tech exhibitions in the world, the computing conference this year hosted two main forums and more than 170 advanced summits and sub-forums, as well as the atec (ant technology exploration conference), the ecological technology exhibition, the yunqi music festival, and the yunqi smart sports event. it attracted more than 120,000 participants from more 64 countries and regions across the world.

    at this year's hangzhou computing conference, alibaba cloud iot smart city business group had two exhibition areas that encompassed construction site inspections, urban management, smart ecology, and fire safety. smart city partners showcased solutions based on alibaba cloud's iot urban platform for multiple industries to provide professional visitors from related industries with an abundant and multifaceted exhibition.

accomplishing a cooperative mission

    at the 2017 hangzhou computing conference, ms technology became the one of the first companies to work with alibaba cloud in the smart city sector. it advanced the development of the internet of things toward the internet of intelligences through the three-in-one strategy of platform market standards. by employing the integrated cloud-based platform, partners could obtain one-stop iot infrastructure capabilities including development, technology, content, iot os, and edge computing. with the richest iot market in the industry, partners would obtain an all-encompassing and diverse comprehensive iot solution market with chips and modules used in daily life, industrial, urban, and other settings as well as comprehensive integrated software and hardware solutions. the cycle of development to sales for iot equipment would be significantly reduced. unified and open iot standards would help advance the iot market in china and the world in terms of maturity and standardization.

    on may 31, 2018, alibaba cloud and china fortune land development entered into a strategic partnership to set up pilot programs in wuzhi, henan and langfang, hebei, as well as china fortune land development international and other industrial new cities. they will use alibaba cloud's technical advantages to construct unmanned supermarkets, hotels of the future, shared offices, smart parking, ai navigation, delivery robots, smart industrial parks, and other industrial and new urban innovation and application settings to create a "sensing city" together.

    the alibaba cloud iot platform will become the key technology to support the "sensing city" and connect everything in new industrial cities.

    in september 2018, the smart city collaboration project between ms technology and alibaba cloud was successfully launched in wuzhi county of jiaozuo city in henan province. in this project, ms technology integrated unique graphene heat dissipation led smart lamp bases and iot technologies to empower smart city construction in wuzhi. the fengyu intelligent lampholder launched by ms technology includes a built-in single-lamp controller and lora gateways to allow convenient access to the lorawan network, which not only provides remote switches, remote light adjustments, real-time currents, and power consumption but also collects data from various terminal iot devices for big data analysis and full connectivity.

    the wuzhi project demonstrated the technical capabilities of ms technology in smart lighting and marked the start of substantive collaboration between the company and alibaba cloud in smart city construction.

    the wuzhi project was thoroughly exhibited at the alibaba cloud exhibition platform in area c of this year's computing conference for visitors to learn more about smart cities.

ms technology invited to participate in the internet of intelligences - smart city forum

    alibaba cloud's senior iot solution architect liu yunpeng stated at the internet of intelligences - smart city forum: ms technology's graphene technology increases the brightness significantly when used in led street lamps and makes them more energy efficient than regular led street lamps. more importantly, connection is now more convenient and everything is connected at all times. we have great expectations for future cooperation between our companies.


alibaba cloud empowerment ms technology

    technology empowerment for iot industrial ecosphere cultivation; technology empowerment for the rapid advancement of urban development,we shall continue to maintain the partnership with alibaba cloud iot and use the most advanced innovative technologies to provide customers with superior smart city solutions and the best user experience. we shall also jointly improve integrated urban governance, the construction of new small towns, and improve the efficiency of public services.


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