[ms technology news] huzhou city mayor qian sanxiong's visit to the ms technology smart factory will air on cctv news-利来国际app

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[ms technology news] huzhou city mayor qian sanxiong's visit to the ms technology smart factory will air on cctv news


    huzhou mingshuo optoelectronic technology co., ltd. is located in nanxun district, huzhou city,is a high-tech company that uses rlcp graphene as its core technology to provide professional high powered led lighting equipment, integrated lighting solutions, and applications of composite graphene materials in other sectors.

    by capitalizing on our research capacity for advanced materials, the company works with beijing institute of technology and zhejiang university on the business-university-research strategic partnership, thus becoming an industrial leader in terms of hardware for green lighting and urban big data operations, as a hardware platform for the operation services of big-data-based city infrastructure, as well as transforming into a data-node solution provider for cities in the future.ms technology focuses on the research and development of graphene heat dissipation technologies and its mature application products have been used in smart led lighting and iot.

    on september 19, mayor qian sanxiong of huzhou city, district leader yang weidong, and deputy district leader zhu wei of nanxun district in zhejiang province accompanied cctv and visited huzhou mingshuo optoelectronic technology co., ltd., company founder dr. chen wei, vice president wang yingchao, jiang wei, zhu haifeng, and other leaders accompanied them on their visit to the ms technology building and smart factory as they learned about the development history of ms technology. they expressed great interest in the smart city applications of the fengyu intelligent lampholder and held enthusiastic discussions with dr. chen. mayor qian's visit will air on cctv news.

visiting the smart showroom

visiting the smart factory

    under the guidance of the national "made in china 2025” strategy, the company has constructed a highly-customized and high-tech factory for smart c2m production. the company teamed up with zhejiang university and jointly created a smart factory for graphene composite materials. the construction of the smart graphene factory located in lianshi village, nanxun district, huzhou city, zhejiang was completed this year and production successfully began. ms technology launched new development models for the smart manufacturing of graphene street lamps and applied smart equipment and smart management software to enhance the development and utilization of industrial big data. the company began their large-scale production of customizable senhai series street lamps, of which its high-quality production craftsmanship and technologies ensured superior quality and stability.

    from graphene to full connectivity,ms technology used the modularization of intelligent lampholders and customized products to build a wide-coverage, low-cost, and low-power consumption sensor-layer center for the smart city to allow ms technology's fengyu intelligent lampholders to play a greater role in the "integrated entity" while providing strong support for the smart city.

    as a leading company in graphene industrial applications, members of ms technology are practically and persistently committed to the applications of graphene composites and energy-saving businesses, while promoting the big-data operation industry as an innovative leader in the future of cities.


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