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iot world and sensory china | ms technology lights up the 2018 world internet of things exposition in wuxi

we welcome you to come visit us at booth 04 in the a6 smart city pavilion

ms technology's "black technology” has attracted numerous visitors

onsite monitoring at ms technology's booth

    from graphene to full connectivity,ms technology used the modularization of intelligent lampholders and customized products to build a wide-coverage, low-cost, and low-power consumption sensor-layer center for the smart city to allow ms technology's fengyu intelligent lampholders to play a greater role in the "integrated entity" while providing strong support for the smart city.

    the bim gis system/road iot system platform lit up the iot expo

    the company participated in the r&d and establishment of the "yang shupu intelligent binjiang laboratory", the first trial base of the bim gis smart city management platform in the world. a small-scale operating model was carried out to represent the whole city to scale, which would aim to achieve highly efficient, real-time visualized management. the construction of the whole ecological system includes the intelligent lamp base, manhole cover monitoring, garbage barrel monitoring, water level monitoring, environmental monitoring, geomagnetic induction, sos alarm, and many other varieties of terminal equipment and gateway deployments, as well as the construction of comprehensive management platforms and command and control centers.

 the company shared the same platform with major international brands

ms technology has been in discussion with major international brands

vice president jiang wei and executive vice president and head of region central of china of ericsson (china) communications co. ltd. wei ming, in discussion

    smart city business department general manager li xiaoben and general manager of the government and enterprise customer department of the inner mongolia autonomous region branch, china united network communications group co., ltd. han min, in discussion


september 15-18

  we are at the a6 smart city pavilion

 don't miss a6-04

  gifts offered on-site



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