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smart lamp base solution
two solutions
you can replace it with ms technology's graphene heat dissipation led module, power supplies, as well as, depending on requirements, single-lamp controllers, cameras, projection lamps, voice broadcast and other transducer/sensor equipment inside the original lamp housing. power is supplied by the dc power source at the bottom of the street lamp post. communication cables are routed to the switch at the bottom of the lamp post. various kinds of smart equipment can be deployed without replacing the original lamp housing.

the whole lamp base unit can be directly replaced with the ms technology lamp base. customized design is available inside a variety of feature lamp housings in accordance with customers' needs. various information equipment can therefore be integrated to enable smart functions.
product advantages
  • you can flexibly choose a construction plan based on the shape of the lamp post and surrounding environment so that the lamp base after modification or replacement works in coordination with the original lamp posts and surrounding environment. it is especially suitable for various street lamps with newer styles.
  • smart modifications can be introduced in the original lamp housing, reducing construction and procurement costs while preserving the original aesthetics.
  • in terms of equipment setting safety, the lamp base features a design that protects against accidental detachment, in addition to automatic detection of lamp post slanting. in terms of power safety, a design with separate cabinets for low- and high-voltage power supplies has been adopted. independent power supplies are available for street lamps and equipment. designs such as anti-theft cables, electric leakage monitor and control, abnormal power consumption monitor and control take information security into full consideration. several other technologies such as chip hardware encryption, transmission encryption, data security, abnormal detection active quarantine, trusted connection two-factor authentication, and "dedicated street lamp optical fiber network" have also been adopted. an attempt has been made to build a 3d information security mechanism and system from different aspects.
  • video surveillance
    it can effectively monitor the flow of surrounding people/traffic, in addition to identifying license plates to enforce regulations on illegal parking. using a cradle head control, a timer for 360° picture capture and collection can be set up for full-range surveillance. it also features incident detection and infrared probing functions that allow it to carry out special tasks. under the traditional cctv surveillance mode, security staff need to monitor an excessive amount of video screens, far beyond what is humanly possible. this compromises the effectiveness of actual surveillance. the video surveillance system can replace urban management staff patrolling the streets. it can also replace control center staff to identify, handle, thwart or discipline anomalies in a timely fashion, in order to eliminate potential security threats. this is very significant for the management task of urban management departments.
  • voice broadcast
    this enables functions such as broadcast paging, emergency assistance and notice playback, etc. the giant screen in the central control room enables users to view live traffic footage from the front end and determine which areas are congested and where violations occur. you can then use a network paging microphone to broadcast to a network sound post terminal at a specific front-end location in order to give timely warnings to people on site.
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