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street big data ecological solution
what is street big data ecology?
  • integrating 5g micro base stations and collecting street information to shoot surveillance videos with wide coverage and to operate bim gis in order to unearth all-bases-covered information & data from the streets by utilizing street video big data as well as iot terminal access service provided by ms technology graphene smart street lamps, in addition to resources based on street lamps; at the same time, street lamps can integrate broadcasting and projection for information distribution.
    ms technology provides street holographic perception plans with the lowest cost and highest efficiency!

    ms technology has deployed a total of 300,000 graphene heat dissipation led street lamps in more than 30 provincial regions across the country. the deployment is increasing at a rate of over 50% every year. constructing and operating intelligent ecology by installing a variety of transducers/sensors in different application scenarios, using narrowband communication technologies such as lora and nb-iot which use smart street lamps as carriers, and which operate on the ms technology iot management platform.
street big data ecological structure
development strategy for street big data ecology
a holographic street perception technology based on graphene smart lamp bases and which utilizes bim gis technologies.
exclusive graphene intelligent lamp bases integrating video surveillance enable smart big data collection and computing nodes above the streets to solve existing problems with detection in large spaces and in poor weather conditions. 24/7 hd images lay the foundation for understanding complicated behavior on the backstage of autonomous driving and detailed urban management.
completing the deployment of video and iot terminals while conducting the energy conservation modifications of street lamps in response to complicated road conditions, traffic environment, as well as the needs associated with detailed urban management.
operating the bim gis technology and solving problems relating to the perception of traffic conditions, the smart identification of behavior, and information distribution under complicated traffic scenarios, in association with five operating vendors and collaborating partners with computing methods and power.
constructing a technological structure for the comprehensive evaluation, early warning and timely intervention of autonomous driving and city management.
core operations of street big data ecology

application functions of street big data ecology
video big data
  • street big data collection
    without adding new equipment on the streets, ms technology can access cameras and transducers/sensors from all mainstream vendors via graphene street lamps. taking advantage of street lamps' wide coverage, wide areas, and high density characteristics, the company can quickly and effectively collect street-level data about people, vehicles, incidents (accidents) and objects in actual scenes with varying video quality and in varying light, weather and nighttime conditions, based on differences in detail.
    detection of urban street vital signs; "vital signs" of urban streets can be completely quantified through panoramic, whole-network, interdisciplinary, multiple-source data convergence and integration to avoid urban "ailments" due to reliance on a single data source, or taking only specific stopgap measures instead of getting to the bottom of problems.
  • support for autonomous driving
    self-driving vehicles need to repeatedly communicate with data centers. the back-and-forth transmission of large quantities of communication data is prone to higher error rates, delays, or untimely response to unexpected incidents. on the other hand, smart street lamps can effectively make up for this shortcoming.
    equipment integrated via street lamps such as cameras, transducers/sensors and base stations establish a ubiquitous communication network, providing more powerful edge computing to self-driving vehicles. on top of the data center "brain", this network provides a supplementary "reflex arc" for autonomous driving to increase response speed.
  • powerful supplement from "skynet bright"
    reducing the deployment of independent surveillance poles while expanding surveillance areas to eliminate surveillance blind spots integrating multiple poles into one pole to build beautiful rural areas.
    providing security & protection surveillance tracking; facial recognition can be conducted via cameras for cross referencing with id information. in the meantime, paths taken, time stamps recorded and transportation vehicles used during the past week can be tracked down using archive videos for matching; it can even track down persons coming into close contact with the surveillance object.
    remote vr for actual street scenes; detailed urban & grid management.
    providing services such as analysis of pedestrian flow to stores along the street.
    on-site probe in disaster or plagued areas to provide real-time and accurate information to help rescuers with positioning.
street light management support
mingshuo’s smart lamp base can not only display the operation status of equipment on the management platform, collect the current, voltage, lighting rate, energy consumption in real time, but also collect fault history, login information data, and provide scientific basis for management decision.
what’s more, mingshuo’s smart lamp base can help street light station and city management department to visually check the operation status of street light and road condition, so that to adjust and control the street lights at different roads, in different environment and scenes to avoid the dangers and make the traffic convenient, which is more scientific and humanized.
  • rainstorm
    visually check the ponding situation on roads, to avoid the water spilling over power box and causing electric shock.
  • overpass
    visually check the lighting status under the overpass bridge real time. the street light will be turned on automatically if the illuminance is lower than threshold value.
  • tunnel
    visually check the lighting status in the tunnel real time.
  • night
    visually check lighting status in night real time.
  • bridge floor
    visually check lighting status on bridge floor real time.
road iot big data based on lpwan
customized urban information management platform
yangpu binjiang bim gis smart city management platform
ms technology built yangshupu smart binjiang lab(rui ecosphere) together with shanghai information pipeline co., ltd., shanghai yangpu binjiang investment & development co., ltd., and shanghai yangshupu information service co., ltd. to build integrated urban management platform and to push the development of urban brain. it will make the governance smarter, strengthen the application of intelligent decision making technology, focusing on planning, land, house, traffic, environment protecting, building, water and other fields, taking the integrated urban network management information platform as the basic, to build shanghai integrated management information platform, using ai street lights, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, ai and other technical methods to collect the related data and information of urban management filed and analyze in time, so that to realize the support function of informatization and intellectualization on public service management and governing capacity improvement.
urban delicacy & grid management
  • blind sidewalk management

    almost all of the blind sidewalks in public areas of a city are attached to the streets. where there are blind sidewalks, there are street lamps. when a visually impaired individual walks on a blind sidewalk wearing identifying equipment, cameras integrated in street lamps can automatically determine the individual's direction of movement and the traffic conditions ahead, before helping the individual safely pass an area by using approaches like broadcasts.

  • illegal parking management

    when a patrolling camera spots the presence of any vehicle in a no-parking zone, it can automatically determine if the driver intends to park the vehicle.

    in the event that parking is anticipated, the system will remind the driver to move the vehicle immediately via broadcast.

    if the driver refuses to respond, an order will be given to the camera to take pictures for uploading.

    illegal parking information is shared with towing information on a real-time basis. tow trucks are dispatched via a unified dispatch platform.

  • manhole cover management

    not only will data be submitted after a manhole cover is damaged or lost, cameras will also automatically lock in surrounding areas in the event of any movement of a cover to record a suspect's distinguishing features. in the meantime, violation and crime can be actively averted via warning messages pre-recorded in the broadcast system.

  • sos distress calls

    ambulances can be guided to reach an exact location with the push of a single distress call button integrated into street lamp posts.

    cameras will automatically lock in surrounding areas where an incident has been called in. if a help-seeker is unable to communicate via telephone, the system and surveillance center will use this to determine the state of the help-seeker (seeking medical help; reporting a criminal act, seeking a missing senior citizen or child, etc) in order to take appropriate response measures. in the meantime, a broadcast can play back emergency response measures so that help-seekers can administer self-help.

    in the event a help-seeker is wearing iot terminal equipment with medical diagnostics functions, detailed information can be transmitted to the control center via the gateways integrated in street lamps to render more accurate help services.

  • fully integrated and unified ai

    data is king; computing is queen; application scenarios are the people. with the development of technologies and society, any exclusive ai development is destined to gradually fall behind. ai is sure to embrace a fully integrated and unified era in terms of operation and maintenance.

    on the road of ai development, every sector and every area has its unique, indispensable presence. they will all take off with the development of ai.

    ms technology concentrates on the operation and maintenance of street-centered, city-level iot, providing more robust limbs and sharpening the five senses of a city's brain.

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